This is the photo of a day. On a normal working day that in previous years we always talked about each other in person. Starting from 1902 until today.

But things have changed due to the pandemic. We cannot see each other as we would like. To talk as much as we want, to hug, to kiss, to try as many products as we want and to tease each other.

But now we can be by your side. And we are. And we do it with great pleasure. We communicate with you through our eshop > and social networks (Facebook, Instagram) and present you with new products every day. We send you more suggestions on Messenger if you ask us to. You tell us what you like and receive your chosen products via Courier to your home or with Click Away or Click Inside.

So don’t hesitate to browse our eshop > or contact us by phone or message on messenger. Ask us to send you some pictures or some prices. Because you are the people who have supported us for decades. From 1902 until today. And when we are done with these special circumstances, we look forward to seeing you in person. Be well everyone and take care of your people.

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