Is it possible to return or change the products of my order?

Returns or exchanges are accepted within 14 calendar days from the day the product is received by the customer. Products must be returned undamaged, in their original packaging, accompanied by the retail receipt or invoice. Changes will not be accepted in the following cases:


– When the product has been used.

– When its packaging has been removed.

– When falsification or intentional damage is found for the purpose of its return.

– When not accompanied by the retail receipt or its invoice.


For each case of return, the customer should first contact us by phone: 261 027 4229 or by email:


What happens if I receive a defective product?

We inform you that all products are sent to perfectly packed by our suppliers. Upon receipt, the necessary check is made for possible defects. Therefore, products sent to our customers have already been checked and their adequacy has been established.

In the exceptional case where the customer perceives a material failure or missing parts of the product at the moment he opens the package, he understands and accepts that the responsibility for this is not borne by but by the manufacturing company. Therefore, you should contact either by phone or email, to report the problem you found. He should then send relevant photo(s) of the defect so that the problem can be precisely identified.

In this case, where upon opening the package by the customer, a material failure is found making the product defective, we will make sure to replace the product entirely with a new one.

In the event that certain parts of the product are missing, we will arrange for you to receive the missing parts from the package free of charge.

The above actions will be carried out after our consultation with the supplier of the product. bears no responsibility for the time that will intervene. In any case, we do everything possible to resolve the issue as soon as possible. The period of time that will take place, in no way binds to accept the product as a return, as long as it is possible to replace its parts. In these cases, the costs of returning the defective product, sending the new product or sending its parts are borne by


What happens if I receive an incorrect code?

In the cases of an incorrect code being sent by, we must accept the return of the product from the customer and its replacement. Our company will replace the product or deposit the entire amount of the purchase, together with any related shipping costs, into the customer’s bank account.

When returning the product and in the case of replacing it with a new product, the transport costs are borne exclusively by In the case of a refund, this will be made once we receive the product(s) and find that they meet the conditions for refunds mentioned above.


Can I make a change?

When the customer is dissatisfied with the product through his own fault, e.g. during his online purchase he did not notice any feature of the product such as its dimensions, there is a possibility of replacing the product with another product or products whose cost cannot be lower than the cost of the product that the customer wishes to return.

This can be done within 14 days of receiving the product, provided that the product to be returned meets the original return conditions, which are also mentioned above.

In this case, where the return of one or more products is agreed due to the customer’s fault, the costs of transportation or cash on delivery that may have occurred during the shipment of the product are not calculated in the replacement amount.

The costs incurred for the return of the product from the customer to are borne by the customer. Shipping costs to the customer of another product, due to a change, are not charged to the customer.


Can I cancel?

When the customer, due to his own fault, did not notice a feature of the product such as its dimensions or its color, it is possible to cancel his order.

This can be done within 2 hours of completing the product order.

In this case, where the order is canceled due to the customer’s fault, the payment processing costs that may have occurred during the completion of the order are not counted in the refund amount.



The above fees are related to the current billing and shipping policy of